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Інформаційні технології в метрології

вкл. . Опубликовано в Дисциплины

The course «Information technology and technical measurements» is to acquire knowledge on methods and measuring instruments used in the national economy, as well as data processing methods, the resultant measurements. This knowledge is necessary in practical work-metrologists for the right choice of measuring instruments for measurements in various fields of economy and science.

The aim of the course «Information technology and technical measurements» is a special preparation of students in theoretical and practical aspects of the use of means of measurements, including research and development of common questions of metrology, the study of measurement techniques, the study of the principles of measuring instruments, the general principles of metrological provision of measurement, control application in the national economy.

The objectives of the discipline are the issues of information on the principles of action and types of devices measuring instruments, acquiring skills of designing measurement systems and rules for their use, as well as the choice of the principles of installation and operation of measuring instruments.

Keywords: technical, engineering, process, instrument, measuring, metrology, control, device. 

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